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« When we become aware of our very most erased role, only then will we be happy. Only then can we live in peace, for what gives meaning to life gives meaning to death ».

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Terre des hommes



French photographer, born in Lebanon, self-taught and passionate, Saer SAÏD has been practicing this activity for 6 years. Meet others and listen to their story, are part of his conception of fraternity.

Saer appreciates the simple things of life as, the journeys that allow him to discover what is most beautiful in our differences and similarities. Citizen of the world, loving justice and equity, he feels like living on a planet that has become very complicated.

Naturally, through his career and his culture, he is passionate about social and humanist photography. What is important to him is, first of all, to witness his times, for we live in a time of great upheaval. In the digital era, in our ultra-mediated modern world, the Human loses its senses and its landmarks. Everything goes too fast! So fast that often, in the same day, information received in the morning will be obsolete in the evening because replaced by another …

In the viewfinder of his camera, he perceives and feels emotions that he tries to transmit through his photographs.

“Through my reports, I invite you to pause in order to go deep into the subject to better define it.”